Seal Fest is Back for it’s 3rd Edition

Seal Fest is Back for it’s 3rd Edition

The time has come to celebrate one of our great countries true traditional foods: the amazing seal!  

The SEALS & SEALING NETWORK (SSN) is pleased to announce that the 3rd Edition of “Seal Fest” is right around the corner. From March 19th to March 29th, restaurants in St-John’s Newfoundland, Montréal, Québec City, Sherbrooke, the Magdalen Islands and Toronto and will showcase this Canadian Superfood, bringing a special culinary experience to Foodies across the country. Sustainable, delicious and perhaps the most nutritious protein on the planet, seal certainly has a place in Canada’s food culture.

Seal is a very versatile meat and almost every cut can be transformed into a gourmet dish. Most common is the tenderloin but the flippers and most other parts can all be utilized in delicious ways.

The consumption of wild, eco-friendly, natural seal meat and omega-3 seal oil has many health benefits, while the textiles derived from the seal are an ecofriendly alternative to non-renewable (plastic) clothing.

Sealing is a vital activity for tens of thousands of rural Canadians, both indigenous and non-indigenous, providing considerable economic, social and ecosystem benefits.

Seal is considered “Smarter Seafood”, a program implemented by Exploramer in the prospect of sustainable development and the protection of marine biodiversity. Harp and Grey Seal populations have exploded over past decades off the Atlantic Coast. They now number in the millions and their population growth continues to have serious impacts on fish stocks.

Come celebrate this great Canadian resource!

Each establishment taking part in “Seal Fest” will offer a delicious seal appetizer accompanied by a glass of wine, cocktail or beer carefully chosen by their sommelier and/or mixologist. All of this starts at just $15.

The official “Seal Fest” Launch Party will be held on March 19th at Maison Saint-Paul.  Chef Jacques Coutu will take care of the delicious seal canapés for the event and cocktails will be offered as we celebrate and discover this fantastic local resource.

  • When:  Thursday March 19th at 6PM
  • Where: Maison Saint-Paul
  • Address: 343 St Paul St E, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1H3

General information

Official Website:

Date: March 19th to March 29th, 2020

Participating restaurants & Seal Menu: will be unveiled soon at

Reservation: Take advantage of this attractive offer starting from $15 by booking directly with the participating restaurants.

Media Contacts: Cathy | 438.397.5084|

For information on the seal industry: Romy Vaugeois | 514-601-3866 |

For more information on the seal industry, visit:


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