LETTER: Why we need a seal cull – The Telegram

LETTER: Why we need a seal cull – The Telegram

“Save a cod. Club a seal.

Since the ban on the hunting of white coat seals was imposed in 1972 by the federal government, the annual seal harvest has continued to decline. And when the European Union slapped a ban on Canadian seal products, silver seal pelts that once fetched over $100 a piece in France and Italy plummeted to under $20 each. European politicians that listened to the likes of Greenpeace and Pamela Anderson permanently hamstrung one of our ancestral industries beyond repair.

In 2014, Paul Davis’ Progressive Conservative government even signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, a free trade agreement with Europe, without even asking for the European Union to lift the seal product ban. Because of the continued decline in seal harvest, populations exploded. There are over seven million harp seals that are devastating our marine life with each passing migration from the north, destroying valuable fish stocks and causing incalculable economic damage to the fishery and our province.”

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