Student Fur Design Competition 2021: Seal fur takes centre stage

Fendi, Miu Miu, Chanel, Dior … the world’s top designers are pushing aside boundaries and expectations as they showcase new ways of using fur. Different fur lengths, 3D sculpting, stunning colours, surprising textures, and mixed textiles are captivating, attractive — and inspiring.



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Now we want to see what the next generation of Canadian designers can do.

The Student Fur Design Competition asks young designers to get creative and innovative with this sustainable, natural, and breathtakingly versatile material. Participants are invited to submit sketches of three original fur-based looks, including garments and accessories aimed at the trendy, tuned-in 20-something consumer.


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For the first time, seal fur is taking centre stage in the competition. At least one of the three looks must be all-seal, or seal mixed with other furs. This fits in perfectly with the competition’s theme, Future Heritage, a chance to pay tribute to Canada’s deep tradition of fur while looking firmly ahead to a new fashion landscape.

From all eligible participants, 10 winners will be selected to take part in a week-long, all expenses paid intensive fur workshop at Ryerson University, Toronto, ON. Judges will be looking for imagination, technical innovation, creative use of fur and fur combinations, and relevancy. This is a chance to jump into the world of sustainable luxury — and then learn from fur industry masters.


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Student Fur Design Competition 2021 is presented by the Fur Council of Canada, the Seals and Sealing Network and the Fur Institute of Canada. Deadline for entries is December 14, 2020.

For full entry criteria and more information, visit:

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