The Harvest

Consumers expect, and the law requires, that any animal taken for human consumption be killed quickly and humanely. Today’s sealers take this responsibility seriously, and have the training and experience to maximize animal welfare. In doing so, they preserve the quality of the pelt and meat, ensuring maximum usage and value from each animal.

  • The Canadian seal harvest is the most scrutinized and highly regulated hunt in the world
  • Taking whitecoats and blueback hooded seals has been illegal since 1987
  • Today’s sealers are required to be trained in humane harvesting methods
  • DFO officer inspections show a 96% compliance rate with Marine Mammal Regulations

“The Gulf of St. Lawrence seal hunt as it is now conducted and as far as the young seals are concerned, is without a doubt one of the most humane slaughtering operations I have ever witnessed.”

— Tom Hughes, Executive Vice-President, Ontario Federation of Humane Societies

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